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2018 CNGC Symposium

Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin was invited to attend the 2018 CNGC Symposium on Next Generation Cytometry (Samcheok, South Korea). The meeting covers topics, such as liquid biopsy, electrochemical sensors, deep learning, RNA sequencing, and imaging techniques that enable the latest developments of cytometry and diagnostics. He delivered a Plenary talk on upconversion super dots for super-resolution imaging and single […]

Minomic Quarterly Progress Meeting

Our quarterly progress catch-up meeting was held at Minomic International Ltd. Our IDEAL Hub researchers Dr Gungun Lin, Dr Yvonne Chen, Mr Yuan Liu, reported their recent achievements on microfluidics devices, new bioconjugation protocols and validations. Our industry partners Prof Brad Walsh and Dr Yanling Lu provided a new set of valuable advice. Starting from […]

2018 Annual IDEAL Hub Forum

UniSA hosted the annual ARC Research IDEAL Hub Forum at the Cancer Research Institute in Adelaide. The annual forum brought Hub collaborators together to celebrate and share research activities happening in the Hub. ANFF and the SA health industry were featured at the event, highlighting the opportunities available in South Australia. The event was well attended […]


ULVAC Chairman, Hisaharu Obinata, and the ULVAC delegation visited UniSA and met with the Vice Chancellor, Prof David Lloyd and senior management staff including Prof Tanya Monro, Prof Craig Priest, Nigel Relph and Simon Doe. The meeting offered an opportunity to re-state the mutual commitment to the existing partnership and discuss emerging opportunities ahead. The delegation […]

8th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference

Professor Shanlin Fu participated in the 8th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference (EAFS) in Lyon, France. The three-day meeting was structured in four main topics: Forensic Intelligence, Forensic humanity, Forensic response against terrorism, and Forensic challenges. Professor Fu’s talk was on Novel Approaches to Investigating metabolism of synthetic cannabinoids.

24th International Symposium ANZFSS

Rhiannon Alder presented her work at the Forensic Science without Borders ANZFSS 24th International Symposium. The Symposium provided participants with an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge, develop ideas and network with colleagues from around the globe. Rhiannon’s presentation was titled Devleopment of a Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrate for Illicit Drug Detection.

5th International Conference on Physics of Optical Materials and Devices

The 5th International Conference on Physics of Optical Materials and Devices was held in Igalo, Montenegro with Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin being the co-chair of Session 4 on Day 1 for discussion on temporal luminescence studies and bio-imaging materials. Alongside giving his own Plenary talk on Advances in highly doped upconversion nanoparticle and emerging applications.

Making a Difference 2018

Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin, UTS, Minomic International Ltd and the IDEAL Hub feature in the 2017 – 18 edition of Making a Difference – Outcomes of ARC Supported Research. In its second year, the publication gives a snapshot of the ARC supported research and collaboration outcomes being carried out across Australia.

IEEE 2018 

Professor Igor Aharonovitch will be participating in the IEEE International Conference on Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics is an annual conference that draws in leading researchers, who are harnessing light, or photons, and control its propagation phenomena via interaction with produced structures at the micro and nano scale. This leads to diverse applications in technology fields such […]