Industry partners

By forming a research and development alliance with the Australian biotechnology and diagnostics industry, the IDEAL Research Hub believes it can take an internationally leading role in transforming advanced material and sensing technologies.

Our industry partners with their specialist expertise will help to shape the research directions, collaborate in the research activities, and drive the technology transfer.

We welcome enquiries from organisations interested in partnering with us to transform and grow the point-of-care diagnostics industry in Australia.

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Current industry partners

  • Alcolizeralcolizer-logo_industry-partner is an Australian solution focused world-leader in the field of alcohol and other drugs testing.
  • Minomicminomic-logo_industry-partner is an Australian immune-oncology company focused on the discovery and commercialisation of biomarkers to diagnose and treat solid tumours, such as prostrate, bladder and pancreatic cancer.
  • Preg Tech is an Australian company working across the pregtech-logo_industry-partneragricultural and science industries to improve yields through science. Their focus is in the development of patented real-time biosensors for the detection of ovulation in dairy cows and other potential markets related to animal health.
  • Indee Labs is an Australian company developing hardware Indee Logo
    for gene delivery. Their hardware is uniquiely positioned for the efficient development and scalable manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies.
  • ULVAC is a world leader in advanced vacuum ULVAC Logomanufacturing equipment, including thin film deposition of many advanced materials, plasma etching of silicon, silica and MEMS materials. The company is
    widely known for its manufacturing capabilities in flat
    panel display products, as well as for other leading
    consumer electronics (including smart phones, portable
    electronics and sensors).