PhD Students

Hao He photoHao He – Minomic

Hao He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from University of Science and Technology of China and received a Master’s in Optics Engineering after graduating from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on in-vitro diagnosis using nanomaterials under Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin within the IDEAL Research Hub at the University of Technology Sydney.

A Alghalayini PhotoAmani Alghalayini – Surgical Diagnostics

Amani Alghalayini is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the Molecular Biosciences team. She has received her Bachler and Master degree in Biological Medical Sciences. Her research interest lies in understanding cell-electrode interfaces and optimal architecture for developing ion switches nano-biosensor for cell detection utilizing the tethered bilayer lipid membranes in conjunction with electrical impedance spectroscopy technologies.

R Alder PhotoRhiannon Alder – Alcolizer

Rhiannon Alder completed a Bachelor of Forensic Science (Hons) in Applied Chemistry at the University of Technology Sydney in 2016. She is now a PhD candidate in the area of illicit drug detection under Associate Professor Shanlin Fu. Her research focuses on using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the identification and quantification of illicit drugs in forensic samples. Within the IDEAL Research HUB she is working with Alcolizer to develop a substrate suitable for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of illicit drugs and comparing the developed substrates to commercially available substrates.

Y Liu PhotoYuan Liu – Minomic

Yuan Liu obtained his Bachelor and Master degree in microelectromechanical systems from North University of China and then worked as a research assistant at City University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on bead-based assays, using magnetic hydrogel beads combined with sandwich antibody-pair in the MiCheckTM test to detect the soluble GPC-1 biomarker for prostate cancer diagnosis.