Analytical speed & high-throughput

This research theme aims to develop high-throughput simultaneous screening of hundreds of molecular targets in a single test.

The IDEAL Research Hub will achieve this by functionalising light-emitting nanoparticles into a library of specific responsive probes and tailoring microfluidics channels, multiplexed beads carriers and scanning devices for multi-modal detection.

Research projects include:

  • Creating multiplexed diagnostic systems that can detect bacterial infections, inflammation biomarkers and other antigen biomarkers, antibodies and illicit drugs.
  • Adapting t-BLM (tethered bilayer lipid membrane) technology for electrochemically multiplexed screening of toxins in the form of proteins, peptides or other metabolites.
  • Searching for new optical and electrochemical measurement parameters to build a library of multiplexing probes and to design new redox-tethered surfaces for capacitive measurements.

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