Device fabrication & integration

This fundamental research theme of the Hub aims to investigate new materials, design and fabrication techniques to integrate microfluidic chips, miniaturised illumination sources, nanophotonic architecture, nanostructured electrochemical transducers, reagent cartridges, data acquisition and reporting systems into a portable device platform.

Research projects include:

  • Advancing new types of spectroscopy cuvettes by micro/nanofluidic sample preparation to enable samples to be coupled with photonics elements on an easy-to-use, portable platform.
  • Advanced manufacturing of optofluidic components using femtosecond laser processing and micromachining fabrication of novel photonic devices, microfluidic channels and waveguides to enhance the ‘lab on chip’ concept.
  • Working with the Analyte Visibility theme to introduce nanophotonic cavities to allow light to interact with low-volume liquid under controlled conditions.

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