Sample collection, separation & enrichment

This research theme aims to enhance on-site sample collection, separation and enrichment of biological or chemical molecules.

The IDEAL Research Hub will achieve this by transforming advanced porous nanomaterials, multifunctional capture beads and smart nanoscale biochemistry interface technologies to form new optical and electrochemical detection substrates with purpose-built microfluidics chips.

Research projects include:

  • Devising new sampling and other liquid handling techniques suitable for on-site collection of blood, urine, saliva, wound fluid and other bodily fluids and tailoring porous nanomaterials into large-area integrated multi-layer porous filters for subsequent separation and enrichment of cells and target analytes.
  • Generating a new library of capture beads, such as hybrid multifunctional porous microspheres, micro-rods and core/shell beads internally coded with magnetic, electrical and photonic properties, and externally compatible with the high efficiency binding of captured DNA molecules, peptides and antibodies.

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