Visit to industry partner Alcolizer in Perth, ft. IDEAL Hub Directors, Treasurer and Local Member, 2022

On the 5th of April 2022, IDEAL Hub Director Prof Stella Valenzuela and Deputy Director A/Prof Craig Priest visited our industry partner Alcolizer located in Perth, WA. Their visit coincided with that of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Local Member Vince Connell, who were able to see first-hand an Australian owned manufacturer supplying alcohol and drug testing equipment to the police and industry.

An important part of the session was spent discussing the new technology “Virulizer”, which has the potential to be a game-changer in the fight against COVID and other viruses. The technology for Virulizer was developed within the IDEAL hub and has become an Australian innovation and manufacturing success story.

Through 7 years of Federal government funding for university research, and then in collaboration with the ARC IDEAL Hub, Alcolizer have been able to commercialise Virulizer using the iStrip technology.

Virulizer is the next generation of testing as demonstrated in the field validation studies in Malaysia November 2021 and is 1000 times more accurate than RAT tests. It uses a saliva collection method instead of a nasal swab, providing results in 10 minutes.

Australian based trials are currently underway, and it is envisaged that manufacturing will commence in Balcatta, Perth in the coming months. Local production and the subsequent application of this crucial testing device will protect the Australian community and support the Australian economy.